USS Grissom - Oberth Class

The USS Grissom from Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. This was supposed to be a quick one, but ended up taking a few months to complete. I had to do a lot of corrections to the original design so it fit in scale with my other models. It's a wonderful design, but I think due to production issues it didn't receive the attention it deserved. I also reworked a few things that I quite didn't like, for instance the greeble pieces behind the saucer. Originally it had two truck wheels which was a little silly, so I reworked into something more scifi looking.

This is also the first model where I heavily relied on UDIMs for texturing. 18 UDIMs in total for the entire ship. This was done so I can eventually send to other applications without having to setup a ton of different materials. It also makes tweaks quite simple to do. The entire texture setup is being done in Substance Designer, with a few masks painted in Substance Painter. As usual, vRay for renders, with Corona being used for the planet.